Daily deals for gamers at Amazon

The summer offers on Amazon offer gamers until July 15 the chance of great bargains. Today you can get heavily reduced laptops and Samsung TVs.


Amazon has launched a new sale: The summer offers run from July 1st to July 15th and include both special daily discounts and longer-term offers. From gaming chairs to “Nintendo Switch” games – here are the highlights of the campaign.

Amazon’s summer offers: our gaming favorites

Whether you are a console player or a PC gambler – at Amazon’s summer campaign you are guaranteed to find something for your gaming set-up.

Daily offer July 13, 2020

Only today on July 13, these laptops and 4K TVs from Samsung are reduced in price at Amazon:


These deals are interesting for all (console) gamers: With Amazon’s summer offers you can now get a new 4K TV and get the best out of your games and of course your films.

Games for the Nintendo Switch

All Switch players can look forward to some game hits with the current Amazon promotion, which are reduced in price.

Game downloads for Xbox One reduced by up to 75 percent

At the Amazon sale you can get these top games for your Xbox One for a small price:

You can find more reduced game downloads for Xbox One on the Amazon offer page.

“PS4 Pro” bundle

“PS4 Pro (1TB) Naughty Dog Hits” bundle for 387.99 euros instead of 429 euros


With these offers you can round off your gaming set-up ideally at home – regardless of whether you prefer to play in front of the TV, PC monitor or in handheld mode.

  • DXRacer gaming chair for 303.40 euros instead of 371.06 euros

  • Soundbar Soundcore Infini Pro 2 for 169.99 euros instead of 249.99 euros

  • NUBWO headset for 33.99 euros instead of 39.99 euros

  • INSMART headset for 26.99 euros instead of 32.99 euros

  • Lamicall stand for tablet or Nintendo Switch for 15.99 euros instead of 18.99 euros

  • “Switch Accessories” bundle for 50.99 euros instead of 59.99 euros

  • Keyboard Razer BlackWidow Elite for 113.90 instead of 179.99 euros

  • Mouse Steel Series Rival 600 for 59.99 euros instead of 89.99 euros

  • SanDisc microSDXC card (128 GB) for 27.28 euros

  • Seagate external hard drive (1TB) for 41.59 euros instead of 64.99 euros


It is also wonderful to play on tablets – especially because you get high quality tablets for little money with these deals:

You can find even more gaming offers on the games theme page of Amazon’s summer campaign.

Lost in translation? Do you recognize these popular games by their translated game descriptions from Google Translate?

We had a little bit of fun and translated German game descriptions into Chinese at Google Translate and then translated back into German. Pretty funny descriptions came up. Can you guess which games are?

What is your personal highlight from the current Amazon campaign? Are you going to strike at the offers? And which gaming items would you have liked to see reduced in price? Tell us your opinion in the comments!

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