Deutsche Post launches new service

Deutsche Post has launched a new service that provides information about incoming letters and the address of the sender by email. There are no costs for this – but at the start, only a few email providers are partners. Further digitization projects are to follow.

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Post: Inform about letters in advance by email

Whether it is worth going to the mailbox should not be answered afterwards. As of now, Deutsche Post is offering a new and free service, in which private customers are informed in advance whether letters to them are being delivered. Swiss Post scans the closed envelope and sends a photo of it as an attachment to the recipient by email. According to the post office, every envelope is scanned anyway, so it is not really overtime.

At the beginning, only the e-mail providers GMX and are available as Swiss Post partners. It is not yet clear whether and when additional providers will be added. Customers of GMX and have to register once for the new service before the advance notice of letters also works. Once this is done, the new menu item “Letter Announcement” is available in the mailboxes. After sending the announcement, the picture will be deleted from the Deutsche Post systems, it says at Caschy’s blog.

The letter announcements are electronically signed by Deutsche Post and then checked by GMX or There is continuous encryption, and the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation are also complied with. After the announcement, all letters of course also arrive in physical form at the recipient.

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Post: Whole letters by email from 2021

The new letter announcement can be seen as a kind of test for an even larger project. From 2021, GMX and customers should not only see the envelope, but also the content of the letters. This is then also scanned and sent as a PDF attachment by email. This enables customers to view their mail even when they are not at home. However, this voluntary service is likely to be a paid service.

It is also planned to offer the cell phone postage in the future at no extra charge. Customers then no longer need to stick a stamp on the envelope, but receive a code via app, which is then written on the envelope.

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