E-bikes for 949 euros each – is it worth buying a pedelec?

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Starting tomorrow, Aldi Süd will be selling two Prophete pedelecs for 949 euros. This time there is a version for men and women. GIGA does the technical check of the e-bikes and reveals whether the purchase is worthwhile. Aldi Nord also has a say.

Aldi Süd: Two e-bikes on offer for only 949 euros

Update from May 6th, 2020: The sale of the two pedelecs from Aldi Süd via Aldi starts tomorrow for 949 euros. As already announced in the text, the e-bikes cost around 50 euros more than if they were sold in the branch. Aldi Nord confirms this, because similar pedelecs are available for 899 euros. So if you want to save some money, you’d better buy from Aldi Nord. Otherwise you can of course also order from Aldi Süd. Both offers are cheap.

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If you are currently looking for a cheap pedelec, you should take a look at Aldi Süd’s offer. As of May 7, 2020, two models will be sold via Aldi for 949 euros. According to Aldi, the recommended retail price is 1,399 euros – whereby the e-bike is more likely to be around 1,000 to 1,100 euros. But that would also be a saving of at least 50 to 150 euros and delivery is free of charge directly to your home. So you don’t have to go to the Aldi. But what can the pedelecs do?

The Pedelecs from Prophete look pretty good. There are two different frames aimed at men and women. The frame size should fit for “everyone”. The drive is in the rear wheel, so you are pushed. The battery is clearly installed on the frame and can be removed for safety. Disc brakes ensure good deceleration and there is a small display that shows useful information. Overall, the range with the battery of unknown size should be up to 120 kilometers. The support should then be minimal. Realistically, one should assume 40 to 50 kilometers, in hilly regions certainly less if you want to feel some of the support from the electric motor. There is no information about the weight.

This is how commuting should work in the future:

Is it worth buying the Prophet Aldi pedelec?

The price of 949 euros for the Pedelec from Prophete at Aldi looks very attractive at first. Aldi had similarly equipped models in the past for 899 euros. However, it also plays a role here that the offer is carried out via Aldi delivers and that shipping to your home is included. E-bikes always cost a little more in the online shop. Nevertheless, there is a saving compared to other dealers, so the offer is definitely worth it – if you want an e-bike with rear-wheel drive. With more information about the technical equipment, one could also give a better assessment. As soon as these are available, we will inform you.

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