Full HD monitor for the home office – is it worth buying?

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Home office weeks at Aldi – the discounter is not only supplying its customers with laptops in all price ranges, but from next week will also be offering a stylish full HD monitor from HP for everyone. GIGA will clarify for you whether it is worth buying the 27-inch screen.

HP 27fw: Aldi monitor for the home office in the technology check

While Aldi Süd has mainly focused on making laptops tasty for its customers, the discounter will also be offering a monitor for sale from May 14, 2020: the HP 27fw. At first glance, the 154-euro monitor makes a promising impression, but as always, the devil is in the details.

The first sticking point of the monitor can already be found in the resolution. Full HD is still sufficient in most cases for home users today, but with a screen size of 27 inches, the pixel density is quite low. In other words: if you look closely, you can see the individual pixels on your screen – the image appears grainy and low-resolution.

The refresh rate is a maximum of 75 Hz. That is enough for the home office, but it is not enough for gamers. The HP 27fw also supports AMD Freesync in the range of 48-75 Hz. You should rarely see unsightly image tearing.

HP installs in the 27fw a colorful and viewing angle stable IPS panel with a maximum brightness of 300 cd / m² – that should be enough even in direct sunlight to be able to clearly see all image content. Devices can either be connected via two HDMI or a VGA port on the back of the monitor.

However, the ergonomics of the monitor should be much more important for many home users. Can you adjust the height of the display? Can you turn and tilt it? And is there a pivot function? The HP 27fw cannot convince here. The screen can be tilted slightly, but other ergonomic options are not available.

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HP 27fw: price, availability and alternatives

Aldi Süd demands 154 euros for the HP 27fw. The device will be available on May 14, 2020 via the “Aldi Supplies” program. But is the monitor really a good offer? A look at the price comparison would suggest at first. Around EUR 173 are currently due for the monitor. But if you look at the price history, you will quickly notice – a few months ago the HP 27fw cost just 130 euros.

So the Aldi offer is not a real snapper. Especially since there are various alternatives for this price, even in-house. The HP 24fh, for example, is three inches smaller than its brother, but this has a positive effect on the pixel density. It can also be adjusted in height, tilted and swiveled – and with one Selling price of 140 euros it is also a little cheaper. We recommend this model.

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