Are two always better than one?

The ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo (UX581) with two 4K screens and decent performance promises to be a serious and, above all, portable alternative to the work machine under the desk. Where in... Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S10 with tariff, Xbox One X + GTA 5 free – deal of the day

Saturn and MediaMarkt have reissued a bargain evergreen: The Samsung Galaxy S10 is available in combination with a contract in the Vodafone or Telekom network, 6 GB LTE volume and telephony flat... Read more »

Leak could have given the name and setting

Call-of-duty fans are eagerly awaiting another game. A leak might have revealed the name and setting of the next part. Languages:German English Release:10/25/2019 Platforms:Xbox One, Windows, PlayStation 4 Call of Duty: An... Read more »

New games deal at Saturn with Assassin’s Creed, FIFA and other top games

If you want to expand your game collection, you can now choose three games at Saturn for 79 euros. The promotion offers games for the PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.... Read more »

The best PS4 deals in the PS Store

There are a few offerings in the PS Store that don’t cost more than a few rolls. Is there anything good? Oh yes, about Mass Effect: Andromeda. Languages:German English Platforms:Windows PC, Xbox... Read more »

Modern Warfare – Another massive update, space consumption continues to grow

Many will have noticed it on Monday, the latest update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone again comes with a 30 GB download. Languages:German English Release:10/25/2019 Platforms:Xbox One, Windows, PlayStation... Read more »

You will be able to play a Mafia 1 remake this year

Well, it’s official: there will be a remake of Mafia 1, and the definitive editions of the last two parts are already available on the different platforms. The remake of Mafia 1... Read more »

Studio Ghibli is currently working on another “great” film

Ghibli films always manage to inspire young and old alike. Fans will now be happy to hear that Hayao Miyazaki has announced a new project that is expected to appear in the... Read more »

God of War director wants to remake Silent Hill

There are some games that deserve a sequel. So also the game series Silent Hill, whose original trilogy is a good example of successful horror games. The God of War director obviously... Read more »

Warzone bunkers can be opened, players find another nuclear secret

Since the release of Call of Duty: Warzone, players have been wondering what the bunkers in Verdansk are all about. Now they can be opened and reveal loot and other secrets. For... Read more »