How To Make Money Online Without Wasting Your Time In 2021

There is a question that many people are asking me in the back room of the blog: how to make money online?

The truth is that the question makes sense in the world, especially in a period as complicated as the current one, with an acute crisis in the labor market. The idea of ​​making extra money online could not be more attractive, right?

I will try to give you a severe answer without making false promises to earn money online.

Before we start, let me clarify that everything you will see in this post is 100% legal and severe: it is based on your work and the monetization of your capabilities.

In other words, if you don’t know how to do anything, you can’t make money from scratch.

Learn to do something first, and then you can get paid for it.

As you can see, the fundamentals of work and economic remuneration have not changed.

So, if you are looking for a guaranteed, easy and immediate system, so that, without doing anything, you earn a lot of money passively, every month, I invite you to go and be fooled somewhere else.

There is no such thing, and you should be suspicious of everything that looks too good.

Now that you are more aware of the things you can expect from severe online activity, I will present you with proven strategies that will make you earn money online.

Earn money, really, without having to sell your soul to the devil.

Let’s go!

Everything you need to know before making money online

Let’s first answer some frequently asked questions.


Let’s see; everything will be easy for you if you already have valuable skills in the market.

Imagine, for example, and a computer engineer specialized in Software Architecture. It is a super demanded profile, with a shortage of supply.

Your future (online) is guaranteed, either working for someone else or working as a freelancer.

Idea # 1: Acquire demanded competences

It’s called studying.

It is hard because it requires effort.

It is frustrating at times because relatively slow.

Then you will have to do practices to validate your theoretical knowledge with something more tangible for the business world. And in general, these practices are poorly paid.

It will always cost you a lot of time – account from 6 to 18 months – and for the TOP training on the market, good money.

It is not an expense. It is an investment for a better future if you want to learn how to make money online.

Idea # 2: If you are not different, except being cheap

If you do not have competencies or want to acquire them, you will have to dedicate many hours to the matter, because the online activities that you are going to find – which there are – are going to pay you badly.

Think transcription of audio to texts, digitization of documents, data entry (manually chopping data into a database), online translation, focus group / online surveys.

All these activities, but they will pay you from 5 to 7 euros per hour.

Because you are competing globally with people in Asia or Latin America who are willing to work very little, consider the currency exchange.

And since they are low value-added activities, millions of people can do them too.

High supply, insufficient demand: low prices.

Now, let’s imagine that you work 60 hours a week (to be present in front of your computer, to respond to possible orders before other online workers), and you manage to bill 40 of these hours doing these mini-tasks online, you could earn 40 ( hours) * 5 (euros per hour) * 4 (weeks per month) = € 800 per month.

It is not a lot of money, but for many families, this € 800 would be a great help.

Of course, you have to be willing to work to earn money.


It all depends on how you think about it.

Offering your services online is almost immediate.

Going to the leading marketplaces to bid for these mini-jobs is also almost instantaneous.

So, in this case, it’s a matter of days, you should be able to start trading by selling your time for a fee.

Example # 1 (You don’t have valuable skills) – Amazon Mechanical Turk

Earn money online

Example # 2 (If you have useful skills) – Upwork / Fiverr

Earn extra money online

or Fiverr:

Earn fast money online

Other similar options, in Spanish, are:

  • Workana
  • Malt
  • Freelancer

At first, you will have to strive for little result. So your commitment and the consistency of your actions over time are crucial to success.

In both cases, you will have to spend many hours in these marketplaces, making your purchase of orders online.

There are other ways to earn money online, creating your digital assets.

These options that I will detail later are very valid, but have a high cost of establishment in time: it counts from 3 to 12 months before earning around € 1,000 / month.

And besides, it is about creating an online business.

And like all businesses, there is no guarantee that it will work.

If you succeed, congratulations; if not, consider this experience as precious learning.


Nothing is guaranteed in life.

Not your own life.

To reason like this is to think like a victim, waiting for a third party to fix her life.

Because the best guarantee in everything you do in your life is yourself:

  • your commitment to do what is expected of you
  • your constant effort to improve what you do every day
  • your desire to continue growing with the patience of the wise

If you want something, it is only a matter of time before you can build this dream.


Here it is also variable, and there are always exceptions.

I know that you do not stop reading on the Internet examples of ordinary people who earned 5 or 6 figures a month with their online business.

It seems magical!

Some may earn this money (although many just project their wishes).

But it is the fruit of years of invisible fund work that these people have done that allow them today to generate this money with their online business.

“But Franck, I’ve read examples of people launching a product and making 1 million in 24 hours.”

There are very few Spanish speaking since they can be counted on the fingers of a hand.

But the secret is the same.

What you see today is the result of years of previous work.

So do not focus on the photo at a given moment, the goal, but you should also contemplate all the invisible work that is behind these success stories.

Success is a process, not a result.

How to earn money online in Spain?

Well, the truth is that earning money online in Spain is no different than doing it from another country.

Whatever the social security scheme you have (employed or self-employed), you will have to declare this income online in your annual income tax return, the IRPF, because they are extra income.

You will have to register as a self-employed person, as long as you are in one of these 2 cases:

  1. The money you charge online is usual (and not something specific)
  2. Exceeds the limit of about € 7,500 / year  (this amount varies according to the minimum wage)

Indeed at the beginning, you will be able to benefit from the flat rate at € 50 / month, but after 2 or 3 years, you will have to pay the € 286.15 per month of the minimum non-reduced freelance fee.

And this quota will only increase in the future, in a country where fewer and fewer people are working to pay the pensions of more and more people because the Spanish population has aged a lot in recent decades.


If you want to charge € 1000 clean with this activity, you will have to invoice around € 1,540.

Subtracting the freelance fee without reduction (€ 286.15) and 20% personal income tax brings you to about € 1000 net per month.

Stay with this figure: Enter about € 1,540 gross to reach € 1,000 net. Month to month.

I recommend you approach an agency to resolve this issue more precisely, since, depending on your age, the autonomous community in which you reside, and the time you read this post, the conditions may have varied.

But the real question is not so much what is the correct legal structure for your online activity, but the following:


Let’s try to resolve this question then.

First, I want you to stay away from all the false proposals that you can find on the net:

  • Multi-Level Marketing
  • “Safe” investments
  • Betting online
  • Fill out surveys
  • Online poker
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Forex

These are all proposals, foolish fools.

They paint everything very easy for you, and in the best of cases, they waste your time. In the worst of circumstances, they are Ponzi schemes, and you will run out of your savings.

The rule is straightforward.

Any proposal on the Internet that promises your income, with hardly any work, with annual returns above 5%, is a scam.

If this is your case, I am terrified that life will give you the hosts you deserve to wake you up from this toxic dream in which you are immersed today.

If you want to do more severe and probable things, I only see three options:

  1. To sell virtual services or not: exchange an hour of your time in exchange for a fee, or sell a project at a fixed price.
  2. Create your online asset and sell third-party products: online advertising, Affiliation, influencers, dropshipping. The idea is to master attraction and conversion and leave delivery and customer support to the manufacturer or seller.
  3. Create your online asset and sell your products: these products can be physical (crafts) or digital (info-products such as ebooks, online courses, private memberships).


I am going to teach you how to make $1,000 per month online as quickly as possible.

Let’s rule out a few options:

  • If you sell third-party products, as in e-commerce, the margin you will have on these products is shallow, in many cases below 15%. To collect a salary of € 1,000 net per month, you would have to guarantee monthly sales of about € 6,700 per month. It is not at all easy to sell this every month consistently. It would help if you had well-assembled e-commerce and already with a significant volume of visits. We are talking about months or years of work. REJECTED, for slowness.
  • If you sell a service, either for an individual or a company, you will need very few sales to reach the € 1,540 / month that we have calculated before. It can be two services at € 750 for a company. Or five services at € 300 for individuals. As a well-focused digital prospecting, you can achieve these results without even having a website, operating in virtual marketplaces, too. VALIDATED, it suits us.
  • If you create a niche blog and intend to monetize it with Affiliation, with an average commission of about € 50 (already very high for many niches), you would need 30 commissioned sales per month. One a day. This is not achieved without a pussy of 6 months of very serious SEO and content production work. REJECTED.
  • If you create a personal brand blog and sell your digital products, such as an online course, you will need to make your time before selling this online course. Building an audience and an online system is a minimum of 9 months. REJECTED.

As you can see, if your goal is to earn quick money, the route of selling services is the one that makes the most sense.

This option assumes that you can solve a problem with a real demand in the market.

How to create a first virtual service in 4 simple steps?

# 1 – Start with the big list of raw, unpolished talents that you already have. Let’s say Digital Marketing.

# 2 – Look for an acute problem super defendant—for example, advertising campaigns on Facebook Ads.

# 3 – Choose wisely a specialization in this service.

In this case, you have three options:

  1. E-commerce
  2. Local Businesses
  3. Infoproducers

Depending on your capabilities, choose the most viable option.

The easiest thing would be to manage campaigns for local businesses.

# 4 – Identify your deficiencies and solve them

Identify your weaknesses, what you lack to solve this problem correctly.

Find ways to acquire these skills, either by betting on self-training on the Internet (free but slow and frustrating) or buy a training created by a recognized expert in these topics (paid, but faster and more fun).

You will have to carry out this process, focusing on your incredible talent.

The best ways to earn money online

I’m going to present you with 12 concrete examples to inspire you.

I already anticipate that the first four ways to earn money online are the ones I like the most for:

  1. The purpose of the activity, it is about helping people instead of focusing on generating money without further ado.
  2. Income-generating capacity
  3. They are reliable, and if you focus it well, you can live from this activity for years or decades.

Let’s see this list then:


The idea is to sell a “turnkey” service for a client, ideally a company or an entrepreneur.

The idea is to deliver the service 100% remotely, without ever visiting the client’s office. We also want to narrow down the options to present a fixed price and shorten sales cycles with customers. This saves us the custom budget phase for each client and the negotiation of rates.

If you have digital skills (design, copywriting, writing, community management, SEO, advertising campaign management, sale closing, etc.), there are millions of companies and freelancers that today need you to digitize their activity.

Make money online

Productized WordPress web design service – Case of Maca & Iago of Ideando Azul


It is a model similar to the previous case, except that in this case, you are addressing an individual.

We now live surrounded by experts and advisors who help us feel better and offer the world our best version of ourselves: personal trainers, nutritionists, personal shoppers, therapists, life coaches.

The consulting of a lifetime has reached the mass consumer sector. And believe me, this trend is here to stay.

For two important reasons:

  • People begin to privilege the purchase of experiences over the purchase of a possession.
  • The world is becoming more complex and changing faster. We need to surround ourselves with “expert friends” who help us untie the knots in our lives.

Earn extra money online

Mamen Abad, Image Consultant


Many life-long 1-to-1 services can be digitized without significant problems. We have been able to see online medical consultations have skyrocketed during the Coronavirus crisis.

It is not about making the same experience online as offline, but rather about providing enough value in digital. And on the demand side, the perceived value for these digital services is increasing.

If we take it to a group model, it would be great to accompany small groups of clients around a common transformation that you can lead.

Hence the idea of ​​doing group consulting, or group coaching, for 2 to 3 months, and thus accompany a group of clients, instead of doing it individually.

If you take this model of group accompaniment to a longer time scale, the year, you have a Mentoring program, in which the mentor will be able to pass on a lot of knowledge to his mentors, follow their evolution, month by month, and correct mentors, if necessary.

And above all, there is enough time to develop a more intimate relationship with the mentee. Often critical aspects of bringing out the best in a person.

Mentoring is a mixture of training, consulting, and coaching, which is based on the figure of the group, to finally elevate all participants higher.

In complex processes, entrepreneurship, finding a partner, breaking an addiction, etc., the figure of the group makes all the sense in the world. It reinforces the overall quality of the experience.

Earn fast money online

12-month annual mentoring of the digital business accelerator, –   Goal 6 Figures


It is a model that I know well because I have been practicing it for ten years now. I started in July 2010 with an Affiliate Marketing course, followed by my first professional recording in November 2010, with The Casanova Diet, a misnamed training on selling online services. Good ‘old times!

The idea is simple, you identify a specific and important problem for a target audience, and you solve it with an online course, cheaper than buying a turnkey service or individual support such as consulting or coaching.

It is a great business model because it is entirely scalable since the support is the group and 100% virtual.


Here I explain how to create an online course step by step.

Prices vary from less than € 100 to a maximum of € 2,000, depending on the transformation and the audience of the online course.

Earn money online

Success stories of Online Training, Knowmada Reinvention


If you know how to design, program, or produce digitally (music, audio, videos, photos, etc.), you can create cheap digital products and sell them in specialized MarketPlaces.

There are large communities and ecosystems where you can locate your business: WooCommerce in the WordPress universe, Shopify. In general, all the most successful SaaS tools offer their users plugin sales markets.

Musicians can be cited on Airbits, photographers on Shutterstock or Abode Stock

Earn fast money online

Top sales in Theme Forest, announce more than 5,000 units sold per month. At more than the US $ 50 per item, that’s an excellent monthly billing for a single product (US $ 250k / month)


If your thing is crafts, you can reach many people by creating a store on the reference platform to sell crafts online, Etsy.

Alicia Shaffer sells six figures a month of products that she designs herself from Etsy. He is now at the helm of an established brand, Three Bird Nest, which scales the sales it first launched on Etsy, as a test market.

The concept also works in Spain:

Earn extra money online

Russ Gordillo online store, Havana Flamingo


The idea is to offer a series of exclusive content and services for members (priority support, live question/answer sessions, job review, etc.) to members of a virtual club who access the platform by paying an affordable monthly fee.

Make money online

Miguel Antuñez leads a membership with courses on Excel & financial tools


Do you like to write? Well, consider writing a collection of complementary ebooks and sell them directly on your digital platform, as well as in the leading digital bookstores on the market.

Prices are usually low, but if you specialize in a non-fiction topic, you can sell ebooks with attractive bonuses between € 20 and € 50, depending on the target audience you are targeting.

You will need to sell more units to earn a decent living, but you sell a self-consumption product that hardly requires support from you.

Make extra money online

Marcos Vazquez sells a collection of ebooks & apps to improve lifestyle habits (exercise + nutrition) on his Revolutionary Fitness platform


For Aida Domenech, it all started on Instagram (Dulceida), collaborating with brands in the fashion sector. Now at the head of an online store, everything is more comfortable with millions of followers.

It is said that it takes years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to lose it. It is a precarious business model, and brands are betting on micro-influencers who work for free in exchange for a given product, to balance the power of these digital superstars. They charge too much to carry out sponsored actions.

In short, if your thing is to become a live advertisement, go ahead with the idea of ​​”influencing” in digital.

Make extra money online

Dulceida’s Instagram profile – 2.3 million followers (!)


If you are proficient in SEO and have an allergy to serving a 1-to-1 or 1-to-N customer, affiliate marketing is for you.

What is the idea?

Create a hyper-segmented audience around an apparent commercial interest and incorporate affiliate links with your unique identifier in the texts of your blog. After a few days, a reader of yours makes a purchase, and you will receive a commission per sale.

You will have to study the most suitable products to give you good commissions and prepare to consolidate a niche blog with a lot of content (yep, the myth of the 5-page mini-blog that PETA no longer exists).

But if you are persistent in producing content and a good marketer, you can get good money with this type of online business.

The first milestone for you: € 1,000 / month, month to month. Consistently.

Get money online

Example of a niche blog monetized with Affiliation:    


It is a derivative and a complement of the previous model on Affiliation. This time, you are not going to charge a commission per sale, but Google is going to pay you every time a user clicks on one of your ads.

The commission per click is much lower than in the case of Affiliation, but clicking on an ad is a shorter commitment for a user, with which the volume of clicks made in a period is also higher.

Get money on the internet

Example of a niche blog monetized with Adsense:


Dropshipping is like e-commerce, but the problems related to logistics, distribution, and customer service, because the Dropshipper reaches an agreement with a wholesaler who will be in charge of these processes. Sometimes the wholesaler is Amazon itself, with its Amazon FBA service.

Again, this type of online business is designed for people skilled with technology and digital communication (SEO, copywriters, experts in advertising campaigns). The digital platform is the core of Dropshipper’s activity.

As all other e-commerce processes are outsourced to a logistics wholesaler, the gross margin that a Dropshipping store has is shallow. So the choice of product is key to the success of the store.

But there are always niche products that you can sell with this model before they become too “mainstream,” and the big e-commerce starts a price war that leaves you without margin as Dropshipper.

It is a business for surfers of new consumer trends.

Most of the dropshipping stores that work are usually later transformed into traditional e-commerce to increase the gross margin on sales.

Once the sales channel is up and running and generates solid sales, this change in the operating model can be made with minimal risk.

Get money online

Example of a Dropshipping à e-commerce store:

Is your goal to earn extra money online?

In this case, I will assume that you are working for someone else, and you want to create a side project. You may also be looking for a plan B or an extra activity that allows you to generate extra money every month.

This is the case of our student Iñigo Gútiez who sells online courses on the programming of industrial automatons (Yes, you read me correctly!).

Earn extra money

Iñigo is very happy with his job and doesn’t want to leave it. It has this online activity as a compliment and possible plan B in the event of a misfortune, such as a sudden dismissal.

When you build a side project on the Internet, you are not in a hurry to get money because you already receive a salary.

And you don’t have time to perform client services because you already work full time for a company. And indeed you prefer to spend the afternoons after work with your family- How not?

In general, about 15 hours a week, with a 5-hour block at the weekend and a maximum of 2 hours a day, Monday through Friday.

How to create an online business selling courses from scratch?

# 1 – Specialize in a niche market and solve specific problems

# 2 – Choose whether to go for the model of a single signature online program that solves a complex problem or a collection of more tactical mini-courses that solve small problems

# 3 – Start with a course and create a detailed training index as well as a simple sales page

# 4 – Determine the number of students for your Beta – my recommendation of 5 to 15 students for your first group – and prevent your course at 50% for 4 to 8 weeks, doing a seed launch.

# 5 – Deliver the Beta version of your training with a prototype based on Live sessions carried out in Zoom and worksheets that are shared from Google Drive

# 6 – Study the feedbacks and improve your method of transforming your students

# 7 – Relaunch your training after 2 or 3 months.

The change of mentality that will allow you to attract money in your life

If you have reached this post, it is because, indeed, at this moment, you need money.

It is an understandable impulse, but it is a lousy reason to generate money.

Let me explain why.


Many people have a terrible relationship with money.

It is cultural and acquired: it is the legacy they have received from their parents. If they also had a bad relationship with money, then they have transmitted this burden to their children:

  • “We have never had money at home, and this creates envy.”
  • “We live in a day to day of scarcity; we lack things. Others have them, it’s unfair …”
  • “We have never saved or made plans with money. When I entered, I left very quickly to pay bills.”
  • “Debts accumulated without looking at the bank receipts.”
  • “Earning money is only done by exploiting people.”
  • “Why was I not born a rentier, like the son of this rich family?”
  • Etc.

When you think of scarcity (what I have, I have to take from someone else), envy, injustice, feeling like a victim, protectionism wins. You let yourself be guided by your fears.

There are three essential things you need to understand about money:

  • Money is neutral: money is a tool. It is you, with your vision of life and the thoughts you have that you use it positively or fear it as something negative. So he begins to believe that money is used to do good, to help others, to live better.
  • Money is a reflection: yes, money manifests your inner riches. No more, no less.
  • Money is energy: it always moves, and it is for the most prepared people.


It is a critical concept that you have to understand.

Don’t look for money, because you won’t find it.

Focus on helping people.

If you help many people to solve their problems or improve their lives, in a collateral way, you will end up making a lot of money.

You will exchange your knowledge and solutions in exchange for your clients’ money.

And they will be delighted with life because you will have improved their life.

So the secret to attracting money is to forget about it and focus on helping others.


Be more abundant in your thoughts.

It is a decision: I believe that humanity is in a movement of unstoppable expansive progress, and that, with each passing day, more wealth is generated in the world. The pie of the planet grows, along with the human species.

Abundant thinking is liberating: it starts with gratitude, is based on sharing and collaboration, contemplates a Win-Win vision of the world and interpersonal relationships.

Life is an opportunity rather than a threat or a perpetual struggle.

It is essential to understand that our thoughts can block or unblock abundance.

The type of thinking you have creates the life that you will have.

Living an abundant life, filled with good money, lots of genuine human relationships and experiences begins with a conscious decision:

See life from the focus of abundance.


If you suffer from a chronic bad relationship with money, you have to reprogram your mind literally.

And how is this done?

From the vision of a new personality, a new me, that you are going to invent.

And is it done like this, magically, without doing anything?

No. First, you decide what you want to change in your thoughts.

And then powerful affirmations are worked on daily that will help you change your personality:

  • I am thrilled and grateful now that I have health, wealth, and happiness.
  • I am strong, intelligent, and a great leader, capable of creating and fixing problems.
  • I naturally attract money and opportunities for me.
  • I transform into positive all the people with whom I interact and nurture them with my powerful energy.
  • I communicate very clearly and effectively, getting the full attention of my interlocutor.
  • I am very grateful for my success and the success of others. I love my enemies and detractors because they allow me to continue growing.
  • I am an unstoppable entrepreneur. I have no limits. I build an incredible legacy.
  • Etc.

Write down the affirmations that you want to make yours, and read them every morning, to prepare yourself to live the day as your new avatar would.

And every night, before going to bed, do a review of your day and evaluate how well or poorly you have behaved, comparing your actions of the day with those that this new person you want to transform into would do.

Thanks to this small intimate diary that you will keep, you will become aware of the things that you already do well and the things that you must improve.

And how long do I have to do this to start seeing a change in my thoughts?

  • The benefit of the daily routine, you will feel it immediately.
  • After 30 days, you will have made a lot of progress, and your friends will no longer recognize you.
  • In 60 days, you can know your avatar change is complete. Or you will have advanced so much that even you will not recognize yourself.

What do you have to lose?

So, give it a try!

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