Leak could have given the name and setting

Call-of-duty fans are eagerly awaiting another game. A leak might have revealed the name and setting of the next part.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

After the great success of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, fans are looking forward to the next part of the series. A picture may have revealed that a reboot from CoD: Black Ops is in progress.

Twitter user Okami published an image that does not necessarily look like official artwork, but the content of which may well be something. Okami previously distributed CoD leaks that later turned out to be true.

So if you want to believe the lettering “Cold War”, we now know the name and know the setting of the upcoming game. So far, publisher Activision has not commented on the rumor; the whole thing is to be enjoyed with caution. We will keep you up to date. What would you think of a reboot from CoD: Black Ops? Please write us your opinion in the comments.

Original post on April 23, 2020 at 12:44 pm:

Call of Duty 2020: what comes after Modern Warfare?

If Call of Duty wants to stay true to its release cycle, another part of the franchise is due this year. Well-founded references to release and setting are already circulating.

There has been a constant in the gaming world since 2005: a new Call of Duty appears every year. The Warzone release may shift the perspective a bit, but Modern Warfare appeared last year. A call of duty part would still be outstanding for 2020.

The former Kotaku editor Jason Schreier has the first information, whose insider information can usually be relied on.

Release and setting?

As game release shifts are currently the order of the day, information can change very quickly. According to a tweet from Schreier, developer Treyarch wants to in the autumn publish their new CoD on schedule.

Another tweet confirms Schreier Leaks from August 2019, which also says that the new Call of Duty can be found in the cold war his setting. In particular, it should deal with the conflicts in Korea and Vietnam.

The coolest facts and secrets from Call of Duty

Will CoD 2020 Black Ops 5?

Since the supposedly this year’s CoD from Treyarch, comes from the studio behind the Black Ops series, there are assumptions that it is a reboot of the series Schreier does not assume that. The flashback missions from Black Ops and Black Ops 2 played in Vietnam. In another tweet, Schreier once again confirms the (provisional) name “CoD: Vietnam” and says he assumes it the game belongs in some form to Black Ops series.

Of course, none of this is official. In addition to release, setting and the Black Ops question, there are other questions that come to mind. Do you need a new CoD in the current good run of Modern Warfare and Warzone? Hasn’t the air finally got out of the annual cycle? What is your opinion on these questions? Let us know in the comments.

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