List Of The 5 Best Free Online/e-learning Courses & Training Platforms

Following the deconfinement and the gradual return to normal of the French economy, we have just updated the article to continue listing the platforms for you. Training courses that continue to offer free e-learning devices.

In the meantime, if you want to specialize in digital, digital marketing, or e-commerce, do not hesitate to discover the complete list of MOOCs and courses in digital marketing published by the magazine EmarketerZ: the article lists the set of e-learning platforms that offer free classes, sessions or complete training specific to digital and web marketing. Some (Facebook, Twitter, Google) even give the right to certificates, which will enhance your CV.

Update 03/05/2020: We are approaching the deconfinement scheduled for May 11, 2020, but the opportunities for free and remote training are still relevant, some of which are sometimes certifying and recognized and will allow you to enrich your CV. Enjoy it!

Update of 04/16/2020: Following the extension of the confinement announced by the French government until May 11, many online training platforms have not necessarily extended their free offer, but have sometimes put up exciting promotions. We have just updated all of the suggestions offered by these platforms, clearly distinguishing those offering free access from those offering attractive commercial offers.

During this period of confinement, all schools have closed. Despite this exceptional situation, it is essential not to rest on your laurels because it is not a vacation. Indeed, students must continue to work so that school programs end at the end of the year. As for digital professionals, this is an opportunity to add strings to their arcs and take advantage of this confinement to develop their skills in new subjects (coding, web design, development, project management, new technologies, etc.).

As a result, many establishments, distance platforms have reacted and set up online courses thanks to e-learning platforms. If your institution does not offer online courses or looking to take advantage of this confinement to build skills, know that there are many free online digital courses and training platforms open to all. Besides, if you prefer to study or train directly from textbooks, we have also listed in another article the media of books and works in open access for download. Discover the leading solutions adapted to the digital world to help you see more clearly.

Professional e-learning training platforms with free access

Whether you are telecommuting or on short-time working, it is a good idea to take advantage of confinement if you have less work to train on digital topics that interest you. Moreover, according to a study on Coursera learners in 2019, 87% of learners for professional development reasons said that it gave them career advantages (promotion, salary increase, new career). In this case, we have selected several online and free professional training platforms on various and varied skills.

1 / FUN-Mooc: France Digital University

FUN-MOOC is an initiative launched by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research in October 2013 to federate online course projects from universities and schools to increase their international visibility. Thanks to its partner academic establishments, the FUN-MOOC platform offers a vast catalog of training courses on many varied themes. Moreover, these same partners can provide current affairs courses composed by professors from French universities and schools. Today, FUN-MOOC represents 6 million registrants and 547 MOOCs available to Internet users free of charge to follow in an interactive, collaborative manner and at their own pace.

Note that in the context of containment linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, the MOOC “Discovering FUN” does not issue a certificate of successful follow-up or certificate of achievement.

Update 04/16: it’s still free since this platform is free

Update 02/06: FUN-Mooc is and will always be free, and it is also the platform that the editorial staff recommends to you to develop your skills!

Find out more:

2 / Udemy:

Udemy is an online training and learning platform through videos available to Internet users and connecting Internet users with the best trainers. Today, Udemy has a truly international reach with 50 million participants, 150,000 courses, 57,000 trainers, 33 million minutes of learning video, and over 65 languages ​​available.

Update 04/16: the Udemy platform offers many free courses as well as promotional coupons, for example, on their Marketing category (digital, social networks, SEO, content marketing …), they offer 751 free training courses on the catalog total of 7214. Note that as this is an international platform, there are many courses in French, but the majority of studies are in English.

Update 02/06: in the Marketing category, there are 826 free training courses, approximately 70 more than during our previous survey. For the Development category (coding, web, etc.), it is no less than 2 081 free training courses on the entire catalog of 10,000 references. It is undoubtedly necessary to search and search, do not hesitate to consult the opinions of customers to choose the right one, but it is worth it!

3 / INA

INA is the National Audiovisual Institute, which historically offers video content that you have undoubtedly seen before, bearing the INA logo. But this body also operates as a higher school of audiovisual and provides many professional and diploma training. As part of the confinement, she has decided to offer specific training and online video courses free of charge, to train you on different subjects, such as photography, video & sound techniques, and journalism: all 100% in line and remote.

Here is an overview of the courses planned for May 2020:

  • – Monday, May 4, 2020: How to “tell” the information in a video
  • – Wednesday, May 6, 2020: How to write a useful comment
  • – Thursday, May 7, 2020: What does 4: 2: 2, 4: 2: 0, 8 bits, 10 bits mean?
  • – Immediate access: “Train in photography with your smartphone during confinement.”
  • – Immediate access: “Assembly workshop: mastering the audio channels.”

Update 02/06: unfortunately, the INA no longer offers free training according to our research, the initiative stopped after the deconfinement. We will be removing it from our list shortly.

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4 / Unity Learn: learn to code on the Unity 3D video game engine

Unity Learn is an e-learning platform that allows you to learn to master 3D development skills (scripting, 2D, graphics and visual effects, mobile and tactile, XR, user interface, etc.) real-time, thanks to the tutorials Free, sample projects, and complete Unity Learn courses. Thus, Unity Learn supports you efficiently in your first project, from downloading to sharing it. The platform also has a Unity Learn Premium service that offers exclusive access to interactive live sessions with Unity experts, on-demand learning resources, and more to speed up your training.

Following the Covid-19 epidemic, the Unity Learn platform supports its community of creators by offering all users free access to Unity Learn Premium for three months (from March 19 to June 20). If you are already a Unity Learn Premium subscriber, the platform also commits to suspending monthly payments during these three months by adding three additional months of annual subscriber access.

Update 04/16: the free offer for three months is maintained for now

Update 02/06: the free 3-month offer is still valid and takes note when you subscribe to the training, so don’t hesitate to register if you are interested in 3D training under Unity!

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5 / Maxicours

Online school course platform, was founded in 2000 to become a benchmark in online tutoring from CP to Terminale. The platform offers numerous educational resources through 100,000 exercises, 20,000 lesson sheets, and 4,000 videos, annals in the form of writings, videos, and even audio. The courses (maths, French, SVT, chemistry, physics, technology, English, Spanish, history/geography, etc.) are updated each year and given by professionals from National Education. Moreover, the teachers are available six days a week from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. to answer students’ questions by audio or video chat.

As a reference in tutoring, can play an essential role in this period of confinement. On this occasion, to help as many students as possible, the platform makes its lessons and exercises available free of charge from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

Update 04/16: it’s always free Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and now you can have unlimited access to all classes 24/7 for only € 1.

Update 02/06: the free course system by Maxicours is extended until September 2020, so it’s still free!

Find out more:

6 / LeetCode

LeetCode is a free platform for developers to improve their skills, expand their knowledge, and prepare for technical interviews. Indeed, the platform allows you to code on many development languages ​​by creating your account. LeetCode has important development tools like Playground, which allow you to write projects online, test them, and even debug them.

Update 04/16: the platform is still free.

Update 02/06: nothing to report, the device is still free (but in English).

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7 / Skills

Skills is an e-learning platform for all levels, with more than 1000 courses available taught by 300 experts. Thus, the online platform offers children tutoring courses to compensate for school closures, and even leisure activities such as drawing, yoga, origami, piano lessons, etc. to keep children occupied at home. As for the others, Skilleos offers many courses to train in various professional skills such as web design (photoshop), web marketing, web development (HTML, CSS,…), office automation tool (excel,…), languages, data, sales, animation of meetings, collaborative software,… And as for children, Skilleos offers leisure activities for older ones with pastry and cooking classes, music, drawing, sewing, yoga, fitness,

Note that following Covid-19, the Skills team has decided to offer free (no credit card / no commitment) and unlimited for one month. Its entire catalog of online video courses for the whole family so makes the most of it!

Update 04/16: The one-month free offer is still valid via the link below.

Update 02/06: the one-month free offer no longer exists, but the platform instead offers the 1st month at 0.99 €, which remains a symbolic price and relatively affordable for those and those interested in the modules provided on Skills.

Find out more:

8 / Coursera

Founded in 2012 by two professors from Stanford, Coursera aims to provide access to the best education to as many people as possible around the world through online courses. Today, Coursera is more than 4000 courses, more than 400 specializations, and numerous professional certificates and diplomas organized and delivered by high-quality professors from more than 190 global companies and universities such as Google, IBM, the ‘University of Pennsylvania, Stanford, Yale, and more … All of this accessible to 49 million learners, and 2,300 businesses around the world.

On the Coursera platform, you will discover hundreds of free training via on-demand video conferences, homework exercises, and community discussion forums. In contrast, the paid internships offer quizzes and additional projects with a shareable course certificate at the end of the training.

Update of 04/16: the platform highlights its paid training, but offers a selection of free movement in the context of containment (COVID-19). Please note, these are courses in English only.

Update 02/06: there are still free courses and training, and following our research, we discovered that some studies were in French, including those of the University of Geneva, for example, or even the ‘ESSEC Business School or HEC Paris. Good news then! Do not hesitate to filter with the languages ​​via their search engine.

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Paid online training platforms offering exciting promotions during the lockdown

1 / Alphorm: online training on IT

Among the e-learning platforms, Alphorm is a unique and innovative French platform combining education and expertise and making it possible to provide training in new IT technologies, thanks to experts. The training offered by Alphorm is intended for all novice or expert profiles, namely students, employees, entrepreneurs, and even enthusiasts of advanced computer technologies.

The Alphorn platform offers a series of video courses in different fields with quality experts:

– Database (19 courses)
– Office (47 times)
– CAD and CAD (70 times)
– IT (51 times)
– OpenSource (13 times)
– Programming (66 courses)
– Networks (31 courses)
– Scientific (12 course)
– Security (50 courses)
– Virtualization (52 courses)
– Web (26 courses)

Update of 04/16: the free admission is no longer valid; unfortunately, Alphorm does, however, offer promotional offers for April:
– the annual subscription at 159 € instead of 228 €
– the monthly subscription at 19 € instead of 25 €
– all courses at 20 € each

Learn more:

2 / Les Éditions ENI: computer training thanks to e-learning courses and the digital library

The only French publisher approved by Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Editions ENI, is positioned as a reliable and recognized group of creators and publishers of computer training tools. Through printed and digital books, videos and online training, course materials intended for training professionals, e-learning, and tutoring solutions designed for professionals, a digital library gathering all the digital books of Editions ENI (also a more extensive database of IT content in French for training ).

As the leading French publisher of computer books, ENI has been characterized for more than 20 years by its educational quality, its collections for beginners and experts, its books and videos designed by recognized specialists.

Note that ENI recently launched a special offer on the monthly subscription with the 1st month at € 1 instead of € 49 until March 31, 2020.

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