Long-awaited feature is coming soon – this is how it looks

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WhatsApp users have been waiting for this for a long time: The popular messenger will shortly integrate a feature that makes the use of WhatsApp much more convenient. The first pictures already show the function.

Compared to other messengers, WhatsApp has one major disadvantage: the device limitation. While Facebook Messenger or Apple’s news app can be used on several smartphones at the same time, WhatsApp cannot be used in parallel. WhatsApp users don’t have to wait too long for this feature.

WhatsApp: use on several devices at the same time

The experts from WABetainfo According to Messenger, the implementation of so-called multi-device support seems to be well advanced. This is suggested by screenshots that show the function in practice:

If you use WhatsApp on your smartphone, you will be able to log on to a second device within the app. WhatsApp recommends using WLAN instead of mobile data to save data volume and ensure speed. The innovations were discovered in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android with the version number 2.20.152.

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WhatsApp stays on the ball: new features are coming

It has long been known that WhatsApp is working on multi-device support. What is new is that Messenger, which was taken over by Facebook in 2014, has progressed so far that a login dialog has already been integrated into the app. This gives hope that WhatsApp will no longer take a long time to release and that the function will be accessible to all users.

In addition, WhatsApp is also tinkering with self-destructive messages and has recently released a very practical innovation for group calls. The messenger stays on the ball.

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