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The new iPhone SE is a real price hit: Although it only costs 479 euros (RRP), it can easily keep up technically with the most expensive cell phones on the market. GIGA shows you where you can buy the iPhone SE – with and without a contract. (Update: Availability at Amazon and other retailers added).

Buy iPhone SE 2020 without a contract: shops and price expectations

The iPhone SE is also referred to in the trade press and in retail as “iPhone SE 2”, “iPhone SE 2020” or “iPhone SE of the 2nd generation”. There is a simple reason for this: the 2020 model is the intellectual successor to the first iPhone SE (2016), which still looked similar to the iPhone 5s. For the new design, Apple followed the design of the iPhone 8 (2017) – but inside the “iPhone SE 2”, the latest technology is installed, especially the lightning-fast Apple A13 Bionic processor, which can be found in the top-of-the-range iPhone 11 Pro (approx. 1000 euros) knows.

All the more industry observers were astonished at the launch in April 2020 that the manufacturer only asked for 479 euros for the new iPhone SE (RRP, version with 64 GB storage space). The official order start for the iPhone SE was on April 17, 2020. The start date for delivery was April 24, 2020 – however, some retailers say that they can only deliver a few days late. Let’s look at the big dealers.

iPhone SE without a contract directly from Apple:
iPhone SE at Apple (all colors, 64/128/256 GB) “Delivery May 15 to 25, 2020”

iPhone SE without a contract on Amazon:

At Amazon (as of May 6, 2020, 1:45 p.m.), the variants with 256 GB of memory are most likely to be supplied. Our advice: For the iPhone SE with 64 GB of memory, the purchase should be carefully considered, because this memory size is too small for some users today.

iPhone SE without a contract at MediaMarkt:

Note: At MediaMarkt it is also essential to check the pick-up at the store, i.e. the pick-up at the branch.
iPhone SE at MediaMarkt (all colors, 64 GB) “Available from May 16, 2020”)
iPhone SE at MediaMarkt (all colors, 128 GB) “Available from May 16, 2020”)
iPhone SE at MediaMarkt (all colors, 256 GB) “Available from May 16, 2020”)

iPhone SE without a contract from other retailers:
iPhone SE at Saturn (all colors, 64/128/256 GB) “Delivery in 9-10 working days.”
iPhone SE at Cyberport (all colors, 64/128/256 GB) “Available from May 14, 2020”
iPhone SE at Otto (all colors, 64 and 128 GB) “Available mid-June.”

No discounts on purchases can be expected for the release. Experience shows that (slight) price reductions for iPhones only take several weeks or even months; the cellphones from Cupertino are extremely stable in price. The iPhone SE of the 2nd generation, which is already reasonably priced anyway, will be no exception and will initially remain close to the recommended retail price. If you want it, you can get it immediately without hesitation. It is simply too early to wait for the price to drop. Before that, you should quickly decide on a color. You can choose between black, white and red – the front is always black:

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iPhone SE (2020): All colors at a glance

Buy iPhone SE 2020 with contract

► iPhone SE 2020 with contract in the Vodafone network (5 GB LTE, Logitel)

If you want to buy the iPhone SE 2020 with a contract, you should note three points:

  • How much data volume should the contract have? They are crucial Usage habits. In other words: the monthly basic fee should not be too high and the (LTE) data volume should suit the user: not too much and not too little – and a little buffer if you use more than expected. Virtually no volume is used in the WLAN at home or at the workplace: Those who spend the most time here can manage with around 5 GB of data. If you are traveling a lot and sometimes streaming on the go (Netflix, YouTube, Spotify etc.), you should consider 10 GB or more. Telephone and SMS flat rates are now standard in most contracts – nevertheless, you should check this again beforehand. The choice of the network is important. The reception varies depending on the region. Telekom currently offers the best network in Germany. Here you usually pay a little more than with Vodafone or o2.
  • The total cost over 24 months as low as possible be. Calculation with a minimum contract term of 24 months: 24 × basic fee + equipment payment + connection fee + shipping. Price comparison portals like idealo show the online best price for the device, which is then deducted from the total. The rest is divided by 24. The result shows how much you have to pay alone for the contract. If the total costs over 24 months are lower than when purchasing the device individually, the offer is worthwhile in any case.
  • Don’t forget: The Cancel the contract in time – ideally shortly after graduation. Some contracts are namely after the first 24 months expensive, because the discounts are only valid for the minimum contract period. You should therefore terminate as early as possible so that you do not miss the notice period (usually 3 months before the end of the minimum contract term). Thereafter, a “renegotiation” with the provider or, if necessary, a change to another provider is due. The number can usually be taken with you without any problems.

Buy iPhone SE 2020: yes or no?

The new iPhone SE is undoubtedly a price-performance tip that has a lot to do with the myth of the “overpriced Apple cell phones”. The computing power of the A13 Bionic is outstanding, it is currently the fastest SoC that can be found in a cell phone – regardless of the price range.

The official manufacturer video:

In other words, the currently cheapest iPhone model is faster on paper than the most expensive Android smartphones (such as Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra). In the end, however, performance counts in everyday life.No worries here either: the iPhone SE 2020 can easily cope with all requirements and can display all apps and the latest games smoothly. The A13 Bionic is also the basis for perhaps the most important advantage of the iPhone SE 2020: One can assume that Apple will continue to provide the mobile phone with iOS updates for a long time – we expect around 5 years. Seen in this way, a good purchase that is future-proof also on the software side.

The camera has been improved compared to the iPhone 8 and now also offers portrait mode. The daylight shots are great, but a special night mode (such as found on the iPhone 11) is missing on the iPhone SE. Unlocking by face scan (Face ID) must also be avoided. Instead, the iPhone SE relies on the good old home button with an integrated fingerprint sensor. The case design with the thick edges no longer looks contemporary, but the proportions and the exemplary workmanship quickly overlook this. The screen measures 4.7 inches in diagonal and can still be operated reasonably well with just one hand. The back is made of glass, so we recommend buying a protective cover that fits perfectly:

The 5G mobile radio standard is not supported, which is currently hardly of any importance. The device is waterproof (IP67). A nice bonus that you should know: When you buy an iPhone SE 2020, you get the Apple TV + streaming service free of charge for one year and can watch exclusive series and films. The subscription is of course voluntary, the subscription is automatically extended after the first year until it is canceled.

Overall, it is a wonderfully compact cell phone that should suffice for most users in everyday life – a solid choice in a proven housing design. Only those who absolutely want more screen space or need features such as night mode and Face ID will take a look at the iPhone 11 or 11 Pro. All others reasonably get the inexpensive iPhone SE.

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