The Apple Watch has already done it and turned the watch industry upside down, the iPhone manufacturer plans to do the same in the future with another industry – Fielmann and Co. can dress warmly.

The best-informed secret traitor in the Apple rumor mill has actually done it, the latest Video YouTuber Jon Prosser packs all relevant information about Apple’s new AR glasses (augmented reality). However, Prosser still owes us the film of a prototype that he actually announced, the legal situation for this is still unclear. Ergo: Apple makes life difficult for him, in Cupertino you understandably want to keep product secrets under lock and key.

Apple Glass: The iPhone manufacturer becomes an optician

But from that, Prosser tells us all the essentials about Apple AR glasses – name, price, performance dates and much more. But one after the other:

  • Apple’s AR glasses will simply be called “Apple Glass” – similar to Apple TV, the Apple logo will probably be used instead of the full name in marketing.
  • Prices start at $ 499. However, this does not include the cost of prescription optical glasses if necessary. These are available from Apple for an additional charge. Correctly read, Apple’s AR glasses also serve as a replacement for normal glasses. With this, Apple is attacking the optics industry, dealers like Fielmann and manufacturers like Luxottica (Ray-Ban, Oakley, Persol …) have to adjust to a new competitor, just as the Swiss watch industry once had to deal with the Apple Watch.
  • Displays will be included in both glasses, controlled with gestures.

Google also tried AR glasses years ago, but Apple does it a little differently:

  • Apple Glass will inevitably need an iPhone, just like the Apple Watch. For the actual computing power, Apple can use a smartphone.
  • The current prototype is made of plastic, although it cannot be ruled out that the AR glasses are also made from other materials. The design is based on normal glasses – a rejection of unusual concept studies.
  • There are no cameras in the prototype, but there is a LiDAR scanner (we already know it from the iPad Pro) – it could probably be used to read special QR codes.
  • It is loaded with a wireless charging station, a kind of stand.
  • Apple calls the user interface internally “Starboard” – an allusion to “Springboard”, the name of the interface within iOS.

AR, VR – what is all this good for? Some examples:

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Presentation date and start of sales of Apple’s AR glasses

And when will Apple show us the new glasses? According to Prosser, Apple would like to do this as “one more thing” at the iPhone event in October (not September). However, only if there can also be a corresponding event with press representatives – key point: Corona pandemic. Otherwise a shift to March 2021 would probably be evaluated.

But you won’t be able to buy them yet. Apple plans to launch the market in late 2021 and early 2022, respectively. Not unusual behavior. With the Apple Watch, there were still several months between the launch (September 2014) and the market launch (April 2015) – production can be planned better and further product details can be retained in advance for better confidentiality.