Quit Apple’s beta program for iOS, iPadOS & macOS

If you used the beta versions of iOS or macOS and don’t want to install trial versions in the future, log out of Apple’s beta program. GIGA explains how it works.

Final software versions have been tested and usually contain significantly fewer errors. Some people just wanted to get a small preview of an iOS or macOS version and now switch back to the final systems.

Basically, you can “downgrade” from beta versions to the current final iOS version or reset the Mac to a previous level using Time Machine. If you (for the time being) generally don’t want any more beta versions, the easiest way is to simply unsubscribe from the beta program. Then, at least on iPhone and iPad, the next final version will be displayed as an update option. On Mac, you have to do a little more (see below).

Here in the video top features of iOS 13:

Sign out of beta versions on iPhone and iPad

On the iPhone, the iOS beta works as follows:

  1. Open the settings of iOS.
  2. Tap on General -> profile -> iOS 13 & iPadOS 13 Beta Software Profile.
  3. Tap here Remove profile and confirm the selection.

Unsubscribing from iPadOS betas on the iPad.

The next betas are then no longer displayed as an update option, but the next final version. If you do not want to downgrade, the current beta version remains installed until it is released. If you have installed the last beta of iOS 13.0 or 13.1, you have a system identical to the final version.

Sign out of beta versions on Mac

On Mac it works like this:

  1. Open Mac’s System Preferences.
  2. Choose software Update, then at the bottom left of the window Details.
  3. Click on restore default settings respectively Restore defaults.

However, the software update does not simply show the next final version. Rather, you first have to install one yourself. To do this, go to the Mac App Store, download the current operating system and install it. Alternative: A downgrade should work reasonably smoothly by installing a time machine backup. Then the personal data is also up to date with the backup.

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Downgrade from beta to iPhone and iPad

The downgrade for iPhone and iPad from a beta version to the last final version is more critical than with the Mac. Because it can happen that the backup created with the beta does not work with the previous final version. It is therefore best to wait for a future final version.

If you still want to try the downgrade, first create a backup of the iOS device in iTunes on the Mac and then set it to the recovery mode. When restoring the iPhone, in which all data is deleted and then uploaded via the backup, no beta is installed, but the last final version of iOS.

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