The 12 Best Sites To Learn Online For Free

These different sites allow you to train in the field you want, without leaving your home! Are you in professional retraining? Are you ready to learn? Here are the 12 best sites to learn online for free.

1. Khan Academy

On the Khan Academy website, all courses are offered free of charge, and the teaching is of high quality. Whether you want to train in Maths, Sciences, Arts… There is something for everyone. If you are looking for training on the web, the courses are particularly excellent and varied. Go for it!

2. Udacity

If Udacity is one of the best sites to learn online for free, it is thanks to its various courses, classified by level, which allows you to progress while learning. The themes are varied, and the methods are well executed.

3. edX

Would you like to take courses at MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, or even UBC? This is possible thanks to edX, which offers all time from these famous universities for free.

4. Saylor

Saylor is one of the best sites to learn online for free. Indeed, the topics are very diverse (Biology, Art History, Business, Communication, etc.), and the site offers a final exam and an evaluation to gauge your level and development.

5. Coursera

Develop your knowledge with Coursera, a training site that provides courses in the form of an interactive manual with videos and quizzes. Here too, courses from several renowned universities are offered free of charge.

6. Udemy

Udemy is one of the best sites to learn online for free, but it also offers paid courses. It is especially useful for novices who wish to discover a formation. But if you are looking to improve yourself, this is not the place for you. Udemy, on the other hand, provides access to nearly 60,000 online courses.

7. France Digital University

This site offers free training in French. The courses are in the form of MOOCs (Massiv Open Online Courses, which means that various schools and universities make their systems accessible to all and free on the Internet. The site takes advantage of partnerships with various French universities to offer more than 50 courses in computer science.

8. Class Central

Class Central is an excellent site for web professionals, but not only! If it offers more than 1,500 courses in development and more than 360 courses in Data Science, you can also take training in Health, Business, or Human Sciences. A site is a computer tool that offers courses from several other sites.

9. OpenClassrooms

OpenClassrooms is also one of the best sites for free online training in French. Several hundred training courses are offered and on a wide variety of topics to gain access to the position you have always dreamed of.

10. Quick Code

Quick Code is a site that brings together all the training available online and free of charge. Know what you’re looking for but don’t know where to look? Quick Code does it for you!

11. Helloskills

Helloskills also works as an aggregator, allowing you to find the training you need, whatever your level. The site is very comprehensive, and the movement is of high quality.

12. Training through social networks

For those who want to learn or improve on the web, think of Facebook, Google, or Twitter, these social networks offer free training:

  • Facebook BlueprintGrow your business by learning how to use Facebook marketing tools.
  • Google for pros: Google training helps you familiarize yourself with the Google ecosystem and thus develop your online visibility.
  • Twitter Flight School: this interactive training allows you to use Twitter as an advertising tool to improve your business.

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