This handlebar bag turns your bike into an e-bike

E-bikes start at 600 euros. Really good models cost more: often around 1,000 euros and not seldom even more. If you already own a high-quality bike, you don’t have to buy a second one – a conversion kit makes it possible.

Vekkit: New Pedelec conversion kit comes from Europe

A Polish company with a young team enters the e-bike market with an innovative idea. It is not only sustainable, it also protects the wallet of all those who are already satisfied with their bikes and do not want to buy a second one for motor-assisted driving: with Vekkit – this is the name of the conversion kit that is produced in Poland – you can convert any bike to an e-bike.

Most cyclists shouldn’t even need help with the conversion. The kit consists of only three parts: a new front wheel with motor, a bag for the handlebars that contains the battery, and a sensor that checks whether you are pedaling – after all, e-bikes are only allowed to assist when pedaling. Additional settings can be made via the app, such as whether the maximum speed may be 25 or – as in the United States – 32 km / h.

Aldi also has e-bikes, for example the Prophete model:

E-bike conversion kit for all situations

The product developers write on their website that a bike should weigh between 2.5 and 3 kilograms more after the conversion. The tools for the conversion, which according to Vekkit should only take five minutes, are included.

When buying, you can choose between different wheel sizes, batteries and motors. Folding bikes with 16-inch tires can also be converted with Vekkit. There are variants for the motor for smaller and larger tours with 220 or 250 watts. The manufacturer promises a range of 40 to 50 kilometers for the largest battery. Here you have to cut back on conventional e-bikes.

Are currently on the Vekkit website apparently not all variants are ready for purchase – for example, a 28-inch wheel cannot be selected. The price of the kit depends on the configuration chosen; it starts at 535 euros.

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