Top 10 Distance Learning Courses During Lockdown

More and more establishments offer the possibility of studying at a distance. Here are the top 10 training courses that you can take from home!

Today there are many distance training establishments that offer the possibility of studying from home: Educate, CNED, CNAM, etc. The training offer is very varied. Indeed, professionals, students, or even job seekers are increasingly deciding to follow correspondence training. We have selected for you training courses or sectors that are popular for distance learning.

Distance learning: what is it?

Before delving into the most frequently attended distance training courses, here is a short guide to fully understanding what distance training is.

How does it work?

In the context of correspondence training, you will study via online platforms or paper courses received by mail. An excellent alternative to evening classes, training can be done through video tutorials, videoconferences, corrected exercises, MCQs, at any time of the day or night. You will often be in contact with your teachers and will be able to ask them your questions.

As for the practice, you will have to practice on your own if you undergo training that requires approachThis is where it is essential to realize that distance training is intended for people who are autonomous and motivated by what they are going to learn.

The advantages of distance learning

There are  many advantages to training from home, including:

  • the freedom to organize your time
  • the opportunity to study at your own pace
  • the possibility of carrying out another activity in parallel
  • the comfort of training at home
  • the case of learning even when one is confined at home
  • etc.

How to register for distance learning?

The method of admission to distance education depends on the institution. In most cases, you will have to submit an application that explains why you are motivated to take this training. You may then have a short interview with someone from the establishment. Registration in distance learning is not subject to a specific start-to-school calendar. Indeed, training can start at any time. However, pay attention to the examination dates if you validate a diploma as a free candidate.

On the financing side, you will often have to spend several hundred euros for your distance training. Some establishments choose to bill for training every month, all the more reason not to procrastinate! Many aids, especially for training professionals, are available. Some universities offer distance education via CED (distance education center), and that training is much less expensive.

The Top 10 training courses to follow from home

Discover the ten best courses for studying at a distance!

1. The CAP Educational Support for Early Childhood

The early childhood sector is continually recruiting! Besides, there are many possible career paths, allowing everyone to find their way.

The first diploma that will allow you to turn your passion for children into a profession is the CAP Early Childhood Educational Support. State diploma, it trains professionals in the reception and care of young children. If the CAP can be prepared in initial training and apprenticeship, it is very often prepared through continuing training. Indeed, many adults wish to follow this training to obtain a diploma, new skills, or even a complete change of professional activity.

For two years, by receiving the lessons by post or by internet, the learner prepares for the final exam, which will allow him, once obtained, to work in a nursery school, in a crèche, in a day-care center, or a childcare center—vacation for example. The early childhood educational support CAP can also be obtained by validating prior experience (VAE).

You can then exercise jobs such as:

  • Childcare assistant
  • Educator assistant
  • Nursery agent
  • Early childhood facilitator
  • Maternal assistant
  • Child care assistant
  • Nursery assistant
  • ATSEM (Specialized Territorial Agent for Nursery Schools)
  • Nursery director
  • Educator educator
  • Childcare worker
  • etc.


Are you looking for short courses? The NDRC BTS, Negotiation, and Digitization of Customer Relations (formerly BTS NRC ) are the BTS (Higher Technician’s Certificate) courses most popular with students. This qualifying training is, therefore, logically declined by correspondence, allowing as many people as possible to have access to this diploma training at  Bac + 2 level.

It is suitable for students, but also for employees or people wishing to change their professional orientation by obtaining a national diploma in the field of commerce.

The teaching is comprehensive, professionalizing, and alternates between professional and theoretical lessons such as human resources management, economics management, or even project management.

Remotely, students will take their final exam at the exam center closest to their home. Once you have obtained the BTS NDRC, you will have all the basics to get into the job market in the field of commerce and embark on a new professional adventure.

You can then exercise jobs such as:

  • Commercial agent
  • Management assistant in SME
  • Responsible for customer relations
  • Department manager
  • Head of sales
  • Customer service representative
  • Contractor
  • Store manager
  • Team manager
  • Area Manager
  • E-commerce manager
  • Area manager
  • Supervisor
  • Call
  • Telemarketer
  • Seller

3. Training in decoration and interior architecture

Generally, decoration courses are training courses that people are undergoing retraining, even without the baccalaureate, who wish to make their passion for decoration a profession! It is possible to teach online to learn all the tricks of interior design: decoration, furnishings, choice of colors and materials, layout, etc.

You will then learn to develop your creativity and carry out interior design projects. The place of practice is essential in this kind of artistic training, so you will have to train and pass on your achievements to training professionals.

Training courses in interior design often deliver skills certificates or professional titles after a few months of classes.

You can then exercise jobs such as:

  • Interior designer
  • Decoration advisor
  • Planning consultant
  • Kitchen or bathroom designer
  • Interior decorator
  • Decorator decorator
  • Scenographer decorator
  • Retail space designer
  • Window dresser
  • Furniture store manager
  • Decoration seller

4. CAP Hairdressing

Hairdressing is one of the most requested specializations in CAP (certificate of professional aptitudes)! National diploma, the  CAP Hairdressing is a professional training which allows its holders to get directly into the world of work once their certification has been obtained.

Accessible with the third level, it also fits perfectly into a reconversion project. Many distance hairdressing schools have sprung up to meet the strong demand from students. You will receive your lessons by post or via the internet. Some establishments also provide a hairdressing equipment kit with all the accessories necessary for good learning and training at home. You can then practice creating cuts and styling and do the practical work.

Even for correspondence training, it is advisable to do an internship in a company, particularly a hairdressing salon, of approximately 12 weeks to acquire a more in-depth knowledge of the field.

The first step towards employment as a hairdresser, the CAP also provides access to the Professional Certificate ( BP ), a diploma necessary for opening your hairdressing salon.

Otherwise, you can also turn to train, also very popular close to this course: the CAP Aesthetics at a distance.

5. Training in web development and site creation

This is one of the hottest areas of correspondence courses right now: site development and programming. Everywhere, we hear that the code in the future. You can, therefore, thoroughly prepare for one of these new professions through online training.

There, the practice is facilitated by the fact that these are trades carried out on a computer. It is therefore done in the same place as the lessons: on your screen! Starting with the basics of different computer languages, you will gradually learn how to create increasingly sophisticated pages and sites.

The distance education you find online can lead to qualification certificates, certified titles, bachelor’s degrees, etc.

These courses are generally open to everyone, including adults in retraining.

You can then exercise jobs such as:

  • Database administrator
  • IT Project Manager
  • Developer
    • Blockchain developer
    • Android application developer
    • IOS Application Developer
    • Java application developer
    • Mobile application developer
    • Fullstack developer
    • JavaScript Developer
    • PHP Developer
    • Computer programmer developer
  • CTO Technical Director
  • Integrator
  • Network technician

6. Paramedical preparations: nursing assistant and nurse

While some competitions such as those for  Nursing Training Institutes (IFSI) and IFAS: Training Institutes for Nursing Assistants have been canceled in favor of admission on file via Parcoursup, there are still many candidates to prepare for competition in the health sector.

It is, therefore, essential to prepare well for the various tests of the competition to put all your chances on your side on the day of the exam. Preparing through distance health prep courses is an excellent way to train. You will thus receive refresher courses in subjects such as French, mathematics, or written expression and notions of public health, medical ethics, or even health law.

Besides, thanks to mock competitions or oral tests, you can judge your level before taking the medical or paramedical game in question.

7. The DCG

The  Diploma in Accounting and Management (DCG) is a training that provides all the knowledge necessary for the exercise of a management profession.

The training lasts three years (or less if you already have a basis in the field) to obtain a bac + 3 level diploma. This training is therefore accessible to people who have passed the baccalaureate, whether young or old. You will be able to validate the DCG within the framework of a change of activity sector.

In terms of content, the DCG training is comprehensive. It includes notions of management, accounting, economics, law, government, etc.

You can then exercise jobs such as:

  • Accounting assistant
  • Auditor
  • Accounting
  • Statutory auditor
  • Management control
  • Administrative manager
  • Payroll accountant

8. Sales training

The field of sales is continually recruiting. Indeed, salespersons have no trouble finding work, provided they are well trained. So you can take online courses to learn all the tricks of selling, negotiating, and dealing with customers. Several concepts are acquired at the end of the training, such as stock management, keeping a department, welcoming customers, placing on the shelves, advice, possessing a cash register, etc.

Generally, distance training is offered to prepare for a profession such as a salesperson, telephone salesperson, sales advisor, cashier, store manager, etc.

At the end of your training, you will obtain a certificate that proves that you can exercise this profession. You can also prepare a diploma in the field of sales and commerce such as the BTS NDRC (read above) or the BTS technical-commercial, for example.

Here are some jobs you can do:

  • Department manager
  • Commercial
  • Customer service representative
  • Commercial Counsellor
  • Sales manager
  • Telemarketer
  • Specialized seller


While it will soon give way in all academies to a three-year diploma, DNMADE,  MANAA is still available today as part of distance education. This training allows us to validate technical and theoretical bases in the field of art. You will learn various concepts, but above all, put them into practice. From home, you will have to train and discuss your work with a tutor.

MANAA is a training course that prepares students for further studies. It is rare to stop after this upgrade. Most students choose to enter art schools or design BTS. MANAA is selective face-to-face training; it is sometimes easier to follow these courses remotely.

You can then access:

  • of  art schools
  • design BTS ( BTS graphic design, BTS fashion design, BTS design space, BTS design products )
  • the DMA (diploma of Crafts)

10. Webdesign and computer graphics training

To combine two fields, the arts and computer science, you can turn to digital arts training. This consists in particular in creating computer graphics, visuals, animations, advertisements, etc. You can find training courses in web design, graphic design, computer graphics, 3D animation, professional software… via distance training centers. The practicality is made more accessible because the only tool you need is a computer!

These courses allow, depending on the program, to acquire the basics or to improve. Very popular, the digital design professions will then open up to you after a few months of lessons and practice.

Here are some jobs you can do:

  • 3d animator
  • Designer designer
  • Graphic designer
  • Web artistic director
  • Graphic designer
  • Integrator
  • 3d modeler
  • Web media scriptwriter
  • Motion designer
  • UX designer
  • Web designer

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