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On the web, there are thousands of sites offering free courses to learn new languages. But it is often difficult to find quality sites that provide structured pedagogy for learning. In this article, we take stock of the six best places to learn different languages ​​online and for free.


Duolingo is a website, also available as an application for mobiles and tablets, dedicated to learning diapers. This site offers a package of 6 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Italian; this with grammar and vocabulary exercises. A user can earn points as he exercises and progress in his learning and access levels of more incredible difficulty.


Memrise is a website based on the concept of “Repeat to memorize.” Thanks to the time-spacing effect of its exercises, it helps exercise memory and boosts learning speed. The available languages ​​are numerous; we mention Mandarin, English, French, German, and Spanish.

3. BBC Languages

The BBC Languages ​​site provides Internet users with free lessons to learn about 40 languages. These lessons are available in different forms: grammar and vocabulary exercises, games, and activities. The site also offers placement tests to assess user progress.


Lang-8 is a learning platform. The principle is simple: each user writes in the language he is learning and other native language users correct. In this way, each helps the other to understand their language.


This site offers a form of personalized learning based on current affairs texts or any other text which may be of interest to the user. Through an instant translation process, the reader can improve their vocabulary and practice the language. The site makes it possible to visualize graphs of the evolution of learning with several appropriate indicators.


Verbling is a very cool website with a pretty cool method of learning languages. An Internet user can act as a tutor and teach the language he masters, and in return, he knows another language through another tutor. This creates a link between Internet users in interchangeable roles: teachers and students spread over six continents. The site uses real-time online video technology to help people develop their skills.

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