Withhold your own number – that’s how it works

If you don’t want your cell phone number to be seen when you call someone, you can hide it. We’ll show you here on GIGA how you can suppress your own phone number on Android smartphones.


Android: Withhold your own number

If you do not want to reveal your own phone number, you can suppress it as follows.

Step 1:

Opens the Phone app and tap on the top right three points ().

Step 2:

Select the “Settings” out.

Step 3:

Tap on “Calling accounts“.

Step 4:

Choose yours SIM card provider out.

Step 5:

If you choose the menu item “Additional settings“Look, tap him. Otherwise you first open the “GSM call settings“.

Step 6:

Tap on “Additional settings“.

Step 7:

Select the item “Caller ID” out.

Step 8:

Select the option “Withhold number” out.

You can undo the setting here later if you wish. It can happen that certain private connections or public bodies do not let calls throughwho have withheld their number.

Under certain circumstances, the setting is automatically reset to “Show phone number” when you restart your smartphone. So check the setting after a restart. We’ll also show you how you can block certain phone numbers that annoy you.

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Android: Cancel number suppression for individual calls

If you have activated phone number suppression as described above, you can still cancel it for individual calls:

  1. Enter the abbreviation in front of the actual phone number you want to call * 31 # a.
  2. If you want to call the number 0151 123456, you call instead * 31 # 0151123456 on.
  3. This will allow the recipient to see your cell phone number on the display.

Did everything work or did you have problems? Please write us in the comments below these instructions.

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